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Build a bicycle powered shredder!

by OSR-Plastic

In this How-to, you will learn how we constructed our bicycle powered plastic shredder, and how you can built your own! Not only does it give you a relatively cheap way to shred plastic at zero operating costs, but it also gives you freedom from the electrical grid, all while keeping you fit and healthy!

In step 1 you will find a detailed construction plan and all the files necessary. —



    Step 1 - Open the construction manual

    Via this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m8Bq35N_N-nw5llw7T16WAWR9GLb5i_L?usp=sharing , you can find a very detailed construction plan and bill of materials, along with technical drawings, laser cutting files and more. This should be more than enough for you to build your own bicycle powered shredder :)

    We could not use the supporting files tab, since our files exceeded the maximum file size amount.

    Step 2 - Built or buy the shredder box

    Precious Plastics has very detailed plans on how to built a shredder box. On the Precious Plastics Bazar you can also buy one.

    Step 3 - Built the custom axle

    With this custom flywheel and axle, you can create forward momentum to shred the plastic. The flywheel will also provide a perfect base to connect the gears talked about in step 5. All the cutting files and the technical drawings can be found in the files in step 1.

    Step 4 - Shredder stand and container

    Built the shredder stand, which will provide a raised platform for the shredded pieces to fall out, and for safety reasons. In the construction plan we explained how you could optimise this stand, since we encountered some problems with ours.

    Step 5 - Attaching everything together

    We tried to maxime the power output, through two ratio transmissions, which come to a total of 1:4.6. This will deliver 4.6 more power at the expense of lower rotational speed. A large gear is attached to shredder box and a large crankset is attached to the custom flywheel.

    Step 6 - Let's start shredding plastic!

    Now with the finished result, let's start shredding some plastic! and lose a few pounds along the way :)

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