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Coin for Mould Design

by Johannplasto

Implement the Precious Plastic plastic type coin directly into your mold.
Get a good embossing quality.
Never forget to tag the type of plastic on your product.
Save time. —



3D Files

  • 3D Step File: /files/01.Precious_Plastic_Coin/01.Precious Plastic Coin - Kopie/01.CAD/Precious Plastic-Coin.step - Preview

Step 1 - Order the coins & check

Visit the Precious Plastic bazar and search for "coins" or just hop here:

Check the dimensions.

Step 2 - Design the pocket

Pocket-Diameter a bit bigger than the coin: 20,4mm (2.4mm)

Depth: 2,94mm (2.94mm)

Make sure to add a drilling under the coin if the coin is not inserted at the mould parting surface.

You can also make the pocket-depth smaller, so you will see the ring of the coin better.

Step 3 - Insert & inject

Choose the correct plastic type coin, insert, produce & let the part in the mould cool down.

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