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Make an automated injection molding machine

by SOTOP-Recycling

This how-to contains information on how we built a low-cost, automated injection molding machine. Unfortunately the folder is way to big for uploading it here.

We added a link to our dropbox, where you can download the folder :) —



    3D Files

    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/01_frame.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/02_extruder.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/03_clamp_mechanism.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/04_ventilation.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/05_mounting_limitswitch.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/06_user_panel.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/Global.step - Preview
    • 3D Step File: /files/03_CAD/Smart_Injector v15.step - Preview

    Step 1 - Download the folder

    Download and read carefully the Guide.pdf.



    IMPORTANT! The machine is still work in progress and not perfect yet. We added a troubleshooting chapter in the download with details on what has to be improved.

    The Guide.pdf contains the most important informations and gives you an idea how all the info is structured.

    The package contains:

    - CAD
    - Bill of material (BOM)
    - Blueprints
    - Program
    - Circuit diagram
    - Additional pictures
    - ...

    We decided to rather put a little bit more information than to few. So dont be scared when we are going a bit into the details :)

    Step 2 - Check out the design

    Before you consider building this machine, make sure that it is within your capabilities.

    It is much more complex than a normal injection or extrusion machine.

    In the download folder there is a very detailed CAD of the current state :)

    Step 3 - Replicate and do even better;)

    If you want to accept the challenge, then build the machine yourself.

    In this video you see how we can already work with it :)


    If you have good Ideas and you made improvements with your machine, please let us know and share back!

    Enjoy, SOTOP-Recycling :)

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