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Make your shelf

by Menor Plastic

Learn to build shelves or small furniture using the extruder and the injection machine. —



    Step 1 - Make the beam

    We will use a square tube 2cm in diameter and 40cm long. You don't need to screw it in, you can hold it carefully not to burn yourself by hand.

    Step 2 - Cut and drill holes

    For this model we have used:

    - 35.5cm x 3
    - 19,5cm x 2
    - 14cm x 2
    - 18cm x 2

    Feel free to make your modifications if you need it bigger or smaller.

    Step 3 - Assemble the base

    Using the mold for the injection machine with a square shape and measures of 14cm x 14cm. We will make 8 units that we can easily glue or screw.

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    Thanks for your support 😊

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