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Handling molds easily

by Fab Unit

In this tutorial, we will explain how to facilitate the handling of the molds, using a winch to pull them.
This modification, relatively simple to carry out allows :
- an accurate and straight move
- only one people —



    Step 1 - 1 - Setting the winch

    The manual winch (Einhell TC-WI500) has been wall mounted behind the Coldpress, 30cm above the prepairing table.
    Please notice the alignment of our 3 stations, and that the prepairing table and the Coldpress are equiped with wheels and brakes.

    Step 2 - 2- Connecting the winch

    We resized the sheet metal to 120x125 cm to host the hanging system.

    1- We drilled the sheets metal to host a buckle made with a steel cable

    2- The cable tip of the winch has also been buckled

    3- Notches were engraved in a metal bar, to match with the 3 buckled cables.

    Step 3 - 3- Handling (1)

    1- Moving the mold from the preparation table to the sheetpress

    Unroll the winch from the wall unto the preparation table, passing through the coldpress and the sheetpress. Use the metal bar to connect the buckles of the winch and the metal sheet ones.

    Make the preparation table roll next to the sheetpress

    Wind the winch to pull the mold in the sheetpress.

    Step 4 - 3- Handling (2)

    2- Moving the mold from the sheetpress to the coldpress :

    As soon as the heating cycle is over, make the coldpress roll next to the sheetpress, then wind the winch again to unload the mold onto the coldpress.

    Step 5 - 4- Tips and tricks

    To avoid rubbing and to facilitate the mold transferring :

    the preparation table has been coated with a polypropylene plate (instead of wood).

    When loading the mold between 2 tables, we suggest to raise the 1st table 2 cm higher than the second.

    keep the stations aligned with the winch cable to avoid rotating the mold when pulling.

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