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Insulate the Injection/Extrusion barrel

by Precious Plastic Nantes

Insulation makes the machines more efficient and safe to use.
Easy peasy :) —



    Step 1 - Get ready

    This is a pretty simple upgrade. There are many ways to insulate barrels, but in this example we have gone with using some steel mesh and hand-bent brackets.

    Before you begin, you should have:
    - Hammer
    - Vice
    - Drill
    - Steel mesh
    - Insulation wool
    - Scrap metal (flat bar)
    - Nuts & Bolts

    Step 2 - Cut the mesh

    To begin, calculate the circumference you want your insulation cover to wrap around.

    Remember to add a bit extra for the tabs and then cut your mesh with a grinder or tin snips.

    Step 3 - Form the mesh

    Now find something cylindrical to use in order to shape your mesh into the desired shape. We have used a gas tank, but you could use another piece of steel. Get creative!

    Tip: You might need to hammer it a bit smaller after your first shaping because metal often has a ‘springback’ and may be too big.

    Step 4 - Centering brackets

    These brackets will connect and hold the cover around the barrel. Find a small pipe, around the same size as your barrel, and shape the strips around it. Make sure one bracket has longer tabs to be used for centering.

    Use your hammer to shape the tabs to the shape you want and drill some holes for bolting. You can finally weld or bolt the bigger bracket to the mesh.

    Step 5 - Fill with fluff

    Now with your cover finished, all you need to do is stuff the cover full of your insulation wool.

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