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Necologica Key Hanger

by Necologica

It is an ideal key holder to use with carabiners.
At its ends you can hang glasses, keys, chinstraps.
It is attached to the wall with screws.
We start from a 5mm HDPE sheet.
*in the how to section, you can find how to make a recycled plastic sheet with various methods. Otherwise, in the bazaar or in the precious plastic network you can find someone to buy from. —



Step 1 - Ready set go

Download the attached .dxf file and choose a 5mm thick sheet. Cut with cnc router.
*If this is your first time, we recommend using a 1-edged 4mm diameter mill for cuts. To make the bending, it is ideal to use a composite aluminum bending mill at a max depth of 3 mm

Step 2 - Folded

Release all the pieces of the sheet and fold using a heat gun. Heat the area on both sides and push using a wooden rod or some other material that does not stick to the hot piece. Prior to this, make the wooden mold as seen in the image to cool, making two cuts the width of the key hanger.

Step 3 - Placement

Make two holes in the wall and use the necessary fixing elements according to the material to be drilled. First the part with the perforations must be fixed to the wall and then the second part must be embedded.
To place the horizontal we must thread from one of the sides, through one of the inserts.
Clever! The horizontal piece that holds the keys will not come off because it has a small grimace that prevents displacement. Enjoy the key hanger

Step 4 - Hang what you like

Well, we already have the key hanger hanging! Now we can be creative and hang whatever we want.
In these images we show you what we usually hang.
Keys, with or without carabiner, facemasks, helmets, glasses, padlock. The key hanger is very practical and allows us to have what we always use within reach. We hope you share with us how you use it.

Regards from Necochea, Argentina.

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