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Sun Concentrator for Solar plastic melting

by volkseco

In order to provide you with energy independence, volks.eco offers you a solar and portable solution reaching up to 250 ° C (482 ° F). This device is intended for the production of recycled plastic injections, according to the project carried out in collaboration and presented by Plastok.ch.

3D Model: <a href="https://a360.co/3ilST2c">https://a360.co/3ilST2c</a> —



    Step 1 - Cut the Wooden Planks

    Cut wooden planks 12 millimeters thick, according to the dimensions indicated in the attached file. [mm]

    Step 2 - Cut the Mirrors

    Cut the mirrors 4 millimeters thick, according to the dimensions indicated in the attached file. [mm]

    Step 3 - Cut the Double Tape

    Cut 6 double tape strips of 500 millimeters. If possible use a outdoor double tape

    Step 4 - Assemble mirrors and planks

    Assemble the mirrors and the wooden planks with double-sided tape according to the attached image. Please note the shutters are asymmetrical

    Step 5 - 3D Print concentrator Holders

    Print the attached 3D files, preferably in ABS

    Use this link to download the 3D files : https://a360.co/3ilST2c

    Step 6 - Assemble the Sun Collector

    The sun collector made is made of tempered glass and can provide temperatures above 250°C

    To fixe the tube tighten the screws of the 3D printed front holder

    The overall size is 660 mm (overall) X 127mm outside diameter. The approximate interior dimensions are: 584 mm X 101mm inner diameter.

    Available on : https://www.volks.eco/produit/sun-collector/

    Step 7 - Assemble all pieces

    Assemble all components with wood screws and 2 3D print filaments.

    To assemble the shutters, first drill the hole for the screws to have a pivot effect.

    Step 8 - Use the sun concentror

    To use the solar concentrator, it is advisable to use temperature probes.
    The concentrator should be placed with the solar collector perpendicular to the sun light (12h - south).
    The shutters should be adjusted so that the maximum light is projected onto the collector, as shown in the picture.

    Step 9 - Solar Plastic Injection

    Time to melt some plastic!
    Have a look at this How-to to learn more about the Solar Injection Process :)


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