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WS - 1.0

by Precious Plastic Nantes

With this Washing System it is possible to clean dirty shredded plastic with a closed loop system that filters the water so it can be reused for a longer period of time.

It works best if you shred your plastic first into big flakes, so you can insert a more uniform batch of plastic into the washing system, where high pressure water jets blast off the dirt.

In this how-to you'll find all the files, info and requirements you'll need to build and run this machine yourself :) —



    Step 1 - Download

    First off, check out the Grabcad link above to download all the files for this machine!

    In this download package you’ll find:
    - 3D CAD (.step and .f3d)
    - Lasercut files (.dxf)
    - Blueprints (.pdf)
    - Schematics
    - BOM
    ... and more :)

    Here you will find an online preview of all the files (in case you are just curious 👀) and you'll also be able to download them for manufacturing 🔧

    Step 2 - Build

    There are a few required skills and machinery you'll need to have if you’re building this machine yourself, or for the machine builder if you are asking someone else to build it for you.

    - General metalworking (cutting, drilling, welding)
    - General plumbing knowledge
    - Laser cutting
    - General electrical work
    - Advanced assembly work (require specific tools, measurement instruments and tolerances knowledge to align and assemble)
    - Painting

    ⚙️ Machinery needed:
    - Grinder, chop saw, MIG/MAG or TIG, drill press.
    - Plumbing tools

    Step 3 - Run and Sell :)

    Just as with the shredder, you want to wash per type of plastic and per color, so you can control the quality of your recycled plastic material. If you find that the plastic is still dirty after one cycle, you can let it run for another cycle, or it's also possible to add some biodegredable detergent.

    To run and maintain this machine properly and safely, make sure to have a look at its MANUAL:
    👉 https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gcb2vT0k9d7-N0DoEFwIN-_DK_1gf6Pym5HBN9aNYMkOPr#/space/gcmXrU-mYrgXOrjJRnxVBs4_aPz27LVp-Uxr9PBG80iPU8/link/3345412

    For drying, is good to get a rack for the trays so that the plastic can get air dried or you can also get a centrifugal system to speed it up!

    Sell your raw material!
    If you are not using all the shredded and washed plastic yourself, you could also sell your shredded plastic to the recycling community - locally or on the Bazar.
    👉 bazar.preciousplastic.com

    Happy washing! 🧼🚿

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