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EXTPRO - 1.2

by precious-plastic

The Extruder PRO 1.2 is an iteration based on the Extruder Pro V1.

This latest version of the Extruder PRO (1.2) solves 2 main problems: Safety and transportability. How? By following the CE safety requirements (European standards) and designing it to be easily disassembled.

In this how-to you'll find the download files and the requirements to build and run this machine yourself :) —



    Step 1 - Download package

    First off, here is your download package for this machine:
    👉 https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gclFqc10H64oV0FSbs9r_laSRi6bkfuw-UcN3e_50Lf2sm#/space/gc4hrPwsLAnipCxVXwLTNv9WDkwt9QLA4V-ogeG36KPlRR

    In this folder you will find:
    - 3D CAD (.step and .f3d)
    - Lasercut files (.dxf)
    - Blueprints (.pdf)
    - Schematics
    - BOM
    .. and more :)

    You can see a preview of all the files (in case you are just curious 👀) and you'll also be able to download them for manufacturing 🔧

    Step 2 - Build

    These are the required skills and machinery you or your machine builder will need to have access to:

    - General metalworking (cutting, drilling)
    - Welding
    - Turning (machining on a lathe)
    - Milling (machining on a mill)
    - Laser cutting
    - General electrical work (wiring safety switch, temperature controllers…)
    - Motor electrical work (wiring motor, contactor, overload protection…)
    - Programming (PID, VFD…)
    - Advanced assembly work (require specific tools, measurement instruments and tolerances knowledge to align and assemble)
    - Painting

    ⚙️ Machinery / specific tools needed:
    - Grinder, chop saw, MIG/MAG or TIG, drill press
    - Lathe and milling machine (can be manual)
    - 5 axis lathe (for the screw only, it can also be found on the bazar)
    - Laser cutting (this can easily be subcontracted around the world)
    - Torque wrench and bearing mounting tool

    Step 3 - Run, Maintain, Create and Sell :)

    To run and maintain this machine properly and safely, make sure to have a look at its MANUAL:
    👉 https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gclFqc10H64oV0FSbs9r_laSRi6bkfuw-UcN3e_50Lf2sm#/space/gc4hrPwsLAnipCxVXwLTNv9WDkwt9QLA4V-ogeG36KPlRR/link/3343788

    Start creating!
    You'll be able to produce a large variety of products like beams, bricks or filament for 3D printing or weaving baskets etc.
    Have a look at the How-to's to find inspiration for extrusion moulds or products:
    👉 https://community.preciousplastic.com/how-to?tags=DJN99ErXz8FHy035YdMO

    Buy and sell on the Bazar!
    On the Precious Plastic Bazar you can buy moulds or machine parts for this machine - or sell your own creations and machines!
    👉 bazar.preciousplastic.com

    Happy melting! 🤗

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