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Extrude a Bird Feeder

by Menor Plastic

Bird feeder made with recycled plastic and Precious Plastic extruder.

You can visit our blog and watch the video:
<a href="https://menorplastic.com/disenamos-el-mejor-comedero-para-pajaros-con-plastico-reciclado/">https://menorplastic.com/disenamos-el-mejor-comedero-para-pajaros-con-plastico-reciclado/</a> —



    Step 1 - Select plastics

    Crush the plastic that we are going to use (preferably HDPE) and fill extruder.

    Step 2 - Pick some cardboard

    Use cardboard of toilet paper or similar. Put some cloth inside.

    Step 3 - Rolling plastic

    We will slowly roll the plastic on the cardboard. Change direction to make it resistant.

    Step 4 - Demolding

    We let it cool and take out the cardboard slowly.

    Step 5 - Feed it

    Done! You have a bird feeder ready to use.

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