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Make a simple & efficient 500mm x 300 mm sheet

by Zero Plastics Australia

This is Zero Plastics Australia's Large craft sheet design, In our opinion a must need for any workspace.

Sheet press
800grams granulated plastic
1 aluminum frame
2 aluminum base plates
Stanley knife and paint scraper (this will help you to gently pry apart the aluminum plates.

Cooking - 20-30 mins
Cooling - 20-30 mins
Tidy up - 5-10 mins

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    Step 1 - Preparing the mould

    You need 2 base plates and one aluminum frame (we highly recommend having a thick border, the frame will bend less easily)
    Lay 1 base plate and the aluminum frame down, fill evenly with the plastic granules, then lay the second base plate on top, like a sandwich before closing.

    Step 2 - Preparing the machine

    Turn your machine on. Temperature depends on plastic used, however we use HDPE.

    Once temperature reaches 200 degrees, close the machine as tightly as you can, until you hear a click. This might take some fiddling with the knob at the top.

    Step 3 - Melting the plastic

    Melting takes 20-30 minutes. Once completed, pull the aluminum plates out and set aside on the concrete, we lay another slab of concrete on top for compression. (extra weight doesn't hurt) Let it sit for 30 minutes to cool. Be patient with this, because doing it sooner can cause issues.

    Step 4 - Tidy up

    This is where the paint scraper is needed. Place it into the gap and gently pry the plates apart. please do test mould release and other ways, if you find a better way please let us know.
    You can use the Stanley knife to gently carve out the sheet if it gets stuck.
    Then take your time to gently carve the borders to clean up your sheet.

    Step 5 - Experiment with colours

    Now that your done, experiment with colours and patterns.

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    Thanks and happy recycling!


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