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Plastic bookmark

by Alumoulds

Make the moulds
Plastic bookmark will be injected, you need the mould and access to an injection machine. For mould-making, download the files above and CNC-mill it yourself or send it to a mould maker.

This mould need a lot of force to be fully injected —



3D Files

Step 1 - Preparations

Due to the thin object, preheating the mould around 80°C to make the process of injecting easier.

Step 2 - Inject the parts

Time to inject. The plastic should be evenly molten to easily spread within the mould, so it might run out of the nozzle just because of gravity. Use a valve into the nozzle and open it right before you start injecting.Act fast and keep the pressure for a couple of seconds before lifting the lever. This will prevent sink marks as the plastic is cooling down under pressure.

Step 3 - Unmould your parts

Once injected, open the mould if you wait a lot ,because of the plastic, shrinking maybe it will be more hard to release the object!

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